Lilly Belle Meads is a farm meadery located in the Village of Lancaster, NY, owned and operated by Patricia and Joe Marshall. 
The farm meadery’s story began over 14 years ago, when the Marshall’s first purchased winemaking and brewing kits. 
After much experimentation with ingredients and brewing techniques, Patricia thought to utilize honey, as the base for their fermented beverages.  Just as a grape absorbs its terrain or terroir, affecting the taste of the wine,  honey reflects the flavors from its surrounding floral environment, contributing to the body and character within the meads.  As beekeepers, farmers, educators and parents, the Marshall’s are committed to promoting and practicing environmentally safe farming and production practices.  Lilly Belle Meads strives to create awareness about the honeybee crisis and promotes education on beekeeping topics. This family farm meadery revels in the satisfaction that their meads incorporate not only a partnership of the owners, but also with Mother Nature herself.


Lilly Belle Meads is currently offering:


Honey & Hops 

A classic version of mead (and our most popular) comprised of local WNY honey and a blend of dried hops with just a hint of lemon juice.  It has semi-dry citrusy finish with a refreshing carbonation.  ~10% ABV






Honey Chill

Mead fermented cold with a pilsner yeast giving it a crisp lager quality while maintaining a honey aroma and slightly sweet taste.  
~8% ABV






Honey & Elderflower 

A semi-dry carbonated mead fermented with dried elderflowers giving it a floral  and slight citrusy flavor.  ~10% ABV








A Bouche style mead that is made by burning wildflower honey and then fermenting it down.  It finishes with a sweet full bodied bourdon like flavor.  This mead emphasizes the unique flavors found in honey. Watch out as it packs a punch with ~14% ABV.






Honey Lime & Mint









On a limited basis Lilly Belle Meads offers:

Honey & Wet Hops – a seasonal version of our Honey & Hops utilizing fresh hops grown at our farm.  The flavor is enjoyed more as a mouthfeel than aromatic. ~10% ABV available in 750 mL bottles.

Traditional Honey Wine Offerings:

Bee Berry – a semi-dry wine that blends local honey, blueberries, strawberries, apricots, pears with just a hint of lime.  ~12% ABV

Bee Blu – This is a honey wine packed with blueberry flavor.  If you’re looking for a blueberry wine that is not overpoweringly sweet this is for you. ~12% ABV

Bee Raz – a semi-dry full bodied wine that blends local honey, black and red raspberries, blackberries and pears.  A wine that red wine and fruit wine drinkers can agree on is delicious.  ~12% ABV





H.A.P.P.Y. – a still wine that is a semi-sweet blend of local honey, apricots, pears and pineapple that will truly make you happy. ~10.5% ABV

Purpeara –a semi-sweet honey wine made with concord grapes and pears and just a hint of lemon.  ~10.5% ABV

On a limited basis Lilly Belle Meads offers:

Wild Fermented Melomels – Occasionally,  a batch will be ready to ferment before we pitch the yeast.  In these cases wild yeast present in honey and the fruit gets the fermentation going and contributes a unique earthy flavor.   Ask about availability.

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