Lilly Belle Meads is currently offering:


Honey & Hops 

A classic version of mead (and our most popular) comprised of local WNY honey and a blend of dried hops with just a hint of lemon juice.  It has semi-dry citrusy finish with a refreshing carbonation.  ~10% ABV






Honey Chill

Mead fermented cold with a pilsner yeast giving it a crisp lager quality while maintaining a honey aroma and slightly sweet taste.  
~8% ABV






Honey & Elderflower 

A semi-dry carbonated mead fermented with dried elderflowers giving it a floral  and slight citrusy flavor.  ~10% ABV








A Bouche style mead that is made by burning wildflower honey and then fermenting it down.  It finishes with a sweet full bodied bourdon like flavor.  This mead emphasizes the unique flavors found in honey. Watch out as it packs a punch with ~14% ABV.






Honey Lime & Mint









On a limited basis Lilly Belle Meads offers:

Honey & Wet Hops – a seasonal version of our Honey & Hops utilizing fresh hops grown at our farm.  The flavor is enjoyed more as a mouthfeel than aromatic. ~10% ABV available in 750 mL bottles.

Traditional Honey Wine Offerings:

Bee Berry – a semi-dry wine that blends local honey, blueberries, strawberries, apricots, pears with just a hint of lime.  ~12% ABV

Bee Blu – This is a honey wine packed with blueberry flavor.  If you’re looking for a blueberry wine that is not overpoweringly sweet this is for you. ~12% ABV

Bee Raz – a semi-dry full bodied wine that blends local honey, black and red raspberries, blackberries and pears.  A wine that red wine and fruit wine drinkers can agree on is delicious.  ~12% ABV





H.A.P.P.Y. – a still wine that is a semi-sweet blend of local honey, apricots, pears and pineapple that will truly make you happy. ~10.5% ABV

Purpeara –a semi-sweet honey wine made with concord grapes and pears and just a hint of lemon.  ~10.5% ABV

On a limited basis Lilly Belle Meads offers:

Wild Fermented Melomels – Occasionally,  a batch will be ready to ferment before we pitch the yeast.  In these cases wild yeast present in honey and the fruit gets the fermentation going and contributes a unique earthy flavor.   Ask about availability.